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9 Magazine-Worthy Fall Home Decorating Trends

Curious what’s hot in the world of home decorating this fall? Here are 9 key trends that will have your guests saying, “wow”.

This is Why You You Need Home Staging

Home staging can make a big difference in a home sale. I chatted with Justin Riordan, founder of local staging company Spade and Archer.

The Diverse World of Countertops

Whether it’s a high end chic, quaint cottage, or vintage retro a well-designed counter can add that special something to your kitchen or bathroom.

The Best Do-It-Yourself IKEA Hacks

From bookcases that transform into beds to shopping bags doubling as kid’s rain jackets, everything you can imagine can be found on these sites. Below is a list of some of my favorite DIY IKEA hacks.

The Micro-Loft: A Trend Both Old and New

With the price of housing on the rise, and the current human population set to steadily increase, city planners the world over have turned to micro-lofts to maximize living space.

8 Insider Secrets to Great Interior Design

Over the years, I have learned many tips and tricks about interior design. These tips, while relatively easy to implement, can have a huge impact on the overall appeal of your space.