Client Spotlight: Xera Plants, Inc.

As a loan officer, staying connected with past clients is part of the job description. It’s truly one of the best parts of my job. I love hearing the inspiring things my clients are doing with their lives. This is especially true of Greg Shephard and Paul Bonime, owners of the truly unique Xera Plants, Inc.

Paul and Greg started Xera Plants in 2000. Xera specializes in providing climate adaptive plants to Pacific Northwest gardeners. Many of the species carried by Xera Plants are specially selected to not only withstand the amount of water we see during the fall and winter, but also to stand up to the incredibly dry tail-end of Spring and the Mediterranean summer that characterizes our area.

“Most of our rainfall is actually outside the normal growth period for most plants, which is from April through summer,” noted Greg. “Plants ill- adapted to thrive in this area are completely reliant on summer irrigation.”

Over a span of approximately 25 years, both he and Paul have hand-selected the species they’ve seen thrive in the PNW–including West Coast native species, cold hardy plants, Manzanitas, and other more uncommon varieties.

“Other nurseries are growing for the entire country,” said Greg. “We’re growing specifically for gardeners in the PNW with the hopes that their plants won’t shrivel up and burn during the summer. We’ve even gone so far as to rip out a client’s lawn and replace it with one that doesn’t need a lot of water.”

The Xera Plants, Inc. nursery is located in Sherwood, OR, and Greg and Paul pride themselves in using organic soil and absolutely no chemicals. As of June 2013, they have been operating a retail shop at SE 11th and Clay. Stop in and check out their shop next time you’re in the Hawthorne area. You can also visit their site at for more information on their amazing mission.

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