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Are You Covered?

What is covered in your homeowner’s insurance? Check out your policy to see how much coverage you really have and what exclusions may apply.

Bringing in the Bucks: How to Increase your Home Appraisal

Looking to increase the value of your home? Find out what is really considered when appraising a home to decide what your next home improvement project will be.

Clean Out Those Gutters!

Gutter cleaning is essential for water flow and roof integrity. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to clean, fall is the perfect time of year to get rid of that debris.

October Portland Events

The weather’s changing, the leaves are falling, and fall is in full swing. Our friends over at First American Title […]

Home Loans Available by Credit Score

Find out which home loans may be available to you based on your credit scores, as well as the minimum credit score required to qualify for any home loan.

To HOA or not to HOA

What is an HOA and what are the benefits and drawbacks of being a part of one? What should you consider when buying a home with an HOA fee?

Don’t be Schooled: How Home Prices are Affected by Public School Districts

Ever wonder how local schools affects home prices? Even if you don’t have kids, knowing how and why school quality and home value intersects is important for your investment consideration.

Myths about Homeownership Keeping You from Buying?

Recent studies show that although most potential homebuyers think they’re well informed about the ins and outs of home buying, in reality, their knowledge is seriously lacking.

Carol’s Corner: For Linda, a Journey in More Ways than One

When Linda made her decision to leave Colorado, it wasn’t easy to leave friends, family, and a lifetime of memories. […]

September Portland Events

Summer is drawing to a close here in Portland, but we still have September! Our friends over at First American […]

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